The feature I wish my smart phone had!

With so many features in a smart phone, sometimes one tends to forget the basic 'App' installed in all the phones. Sigh, many shocks in life. I miss my Nokia 3315, the rock who helped me trash bullies in college.

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  1. hahah! Yeah man! That was the best phone, just one point behind 3310!

  2. LOL! Excellent :-) Going to check if I have any votes left, and if yes, will certainly vote for you :-)

  3. smart...ultra creative u bee..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  4. I had 3315 too and it was indeed a brick.. someone stole it :(

  5. @Avada
    Someone stole your 3315 O_o did you check out the riot mobs? maybe they were using it???

  6. I still use a phone with basic features and I'm happy with it. :)


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