Holy Cow #70 New Year Resolution?

Honestly how many are going to do the same?

Holy Cow #68 4 Degrees of Separation?

They recently studied that humans beings are now only 4 degrees separated from each other? Is it? 

Holy Cow #67 Holy Snakes, its Snake!!!!

Everyone has a Snake Story to tell, isn't it?

This Comic for today, was suggested by my dear Brother, Chaitanya Kabe. 

Holy Cow #65 I Love You Siri, Do You?

Do you Love Siri...wait don't answer, ask Siri.

Holy Cow #64 The Rise of Petrol Prizes

The rise of petrol prizes yet again!!!!

Holy Cow #63 Talk to me SIRI

And the SIRI is here giving hope to people that someone will talk to them. Sadly works poorly on Indian ascent.

Holy Cow #62 Commercial Dilwali!!!!

That awkward time of the year when you wish you were less greedy..... Diwali.

Holy Cow #60 Going Offline Now

This is an actually tweet caught by our snooping detectives. The odd ways of twitter.

Doctor Doctor in the House

Holy Cow Season 2 is on the drawing board. Enjoy little burst of Ice tea and other comics.

Holy Cow #59 What is your Facebook Timeline

Facebook has started the new timeline, have you got yours yet?

Holy Cow #58 Get the 'Expert' advice

We all know who the expert is nowadays don't we? Ok, promise this is the last of the management series. Will be back with some more fun, this weekend. 

Holy Cow #57 The guide to increasing productivity.

               Management lessons continue... what the managers say and what the employees hear!!!!

Holy Cow, a toon on friday, yeah what gives? Was in a good mood, TGIF!!!!

Holy Cow #56 Handling Client Requirement

The classic era when management pretends to know technical terms...dedicated to all the managers who try to keep a straight face in front of techies. 

Holy Cow #55 Want a New Credit Card???

Credit cards, who needs them? Bah.... this is based on a true conversation happened recently.

Holy Cow #54 And the truth shall set Janlokpal free!!

We come to conclusion of the Janlokpal series where people have realized the mess they have created. It is only the truth that will set them free and with them.... I mean everyone. Victory is at gates, bill is going to be discussed in Lok Sabha.

Thank you for enjoying the series.

Holy Cow #53 Lend a Hand?

Its time we return their 'hand' that they showed us for the last 40 years.

Holy Cow #52 Should the Opposition oppose?

With the center in dilemma, the opposition is in more dilemma, is your enemy's enemy your common enemy or your friend?

The Janlokpal series continuous, till Friday, and hopefully Janlokpal will be passed before Friday.

Holy Cow #51 Ruling India, one community at a time.

The colonies left but they did leave a nice governance policy, called divide and rule. Unfortunately people use it for their own household. 

Holy Cow #50 Who is the master of the Government?

Presenting a week of political toons in support of Janlokpal bill. The general reaction between a rookie of the political party and the seasoned player. Enjoy. Jokes and comments welcome.

This series runs for one week with joke a day section. Please refrain from commenting against any party or individual in comments.

Holy Cow #49 How do I support Janlokpal?

Never before in the history of India have people been united for a single cause other than cricket. Janlokpal or no, if this continues, this country will actually improve. Dedicated to those who followed the news coverage for four days and kept on tweeting.

Holy Cow #48 Tolerance or Stupidity?

Lets pray for the world together, maybe we will be saved. 

Holy Cow #47 The circle of Morons

Ever wondered what all circles you landed up on Google Plus?

Holy Cow #46 The real use of Google+

So we go deeper into the many faces of Google +

Holy Cow #45 The 3 stages of Google +

3 days ago, Google Plus, a new social network was released. Apparently there was a mad rush for invitations, to the extent they were sold on eBay. But the network made more buzz on twitter and Facebook that it did on itself. Ironic no?

Holy Cow #44 Don't forget to forget the thing you won't forget

Have you every forgotten the thing you wanted to forget? I did try hard to forget, but I forgot what I was going to forget.

Holy Cow #43 How super heros are created.

Now we know how super heros actuallly are created...don't we? Atleast the stupid ones.

Holy Cow #42 How much is too much???

The classic age old dilemma, how much is too much?

Holy Cow #41: The good appraisal meeting!!!!

Heard about the guy who was happy with the appraisal meet, people say he was delusional... no pun intended!!!!

Holy Cow #40 Social Media can make you very rich, can't she?

With social media on the rise, crazy things are bound to happen aren't they????

Holy Cow #39 Injustice in office?

This comic is based on true story happened with me in office!!!

Didja know Holy Cow was featured in Telegraph Kolkatta? Read about webcomics here.

Holy Cow #38 Isn't it Kalyug yet?

Funny isn't it, how things sometimes turns out?

How to generate artificial ideas (read: plagarize) for your blog.

Disclaimer: Just to be clear this post does not encourage plagiarization, this is published in a public domain to help some bloggers whose brain refuses to help them in times of dire needs.

P.s. The artist holds no responsibility of any action may or may not be taken against you in case you opt the above method.
P.p.s. This post is meant for fun and I don't really care if someone has bad ethics or does not have moral standards.
Have fun,

Holy Cow #37: Your Karma or your Bosses?

So how many of you believed in your karma???

Holy Cow #36: The real reason why corruption in India has increased

So who has done this thousands of time before? How many have you passed some "boring" important announcement or news of your life for some "interesting" show on the idiot box? 

Holy Cow #35 Coffee de-addiction drive

One fine day God woke up and got bored, tired he said, Let there be coffee. True Story.

Disclaimer: This toon was drawn by an artist who drank too many cups of coffee.

Holy Cow #34 Did you wake up to the coffee monster?

When I went to the doctor to cure my monday blues, he suggested coffee to be taken after a cup of coffee and before another cup of coffee. True Story.

Are you addicted to coffee?

Holy Cow #32 Time passes by, we won't

There is a theory that if you sit watching television for long hours, you will eventually warm to the ideas of Rakhii ka swayamvar or even the daily soaps. Just telling.


Holy Cow #31 Can you pass the fridge please?

... The secret of surviving the long weekend, is to be the lord of electronic equipment in the house. The fridge should be exactly a stone throw away from the television for best effect.... true story.

Holy Cow #30 Comic Con Aftermath....

The last comic dedicated to the amazing first comic con hosted in India. A big loud applause to the organizers, Twenty onwards media (p) Ltd. 

Holy Cow #29 ... And So we set out for the comic con.

The age old question between the comic fans and the normal mortals, why would you like to go to the comic con? Sadly only a handful few can answer it in one breath.. the rest can't remember.

Holy Cow #28 Have you watched CID lately?

In the wee hours of the long weekend, many of us have committed undocumented crimes when the battery of the remotes went dead.

Holy Cow #27 Once upon a time on a long weekend...

Wuu huu, if you missed them, comics are back with a brand new design, better navigation and a awesome new 3D art work. You are gonna love them. Sharing is caring, if you love the toon, just drag it for sharing options into your favorite social network.

Isn't it logical? Else the non-vegetarian friends will finish off the pizza.... sheesh/
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