Holy Cow #54 And the truth shall set Janlokpal free!!

We come to conclusion of the Janlokpal series where people have realized the mess they have created. It is only the truth that will set them free and with them.... I mean everyone. Victory is at gates, bill is going to be discussed in Lok Sabha.

Thank you for enjoying the series.

Holy Cow #53 Lend a Hand?

Its time we return their 'hand' that they showed us for the last 40 years.

Holy Cow #52 Should the Opposition oppose?

With the center in dilemma, the opposition is in more dilemma, is your enemy's enemy your common enemy or your friend?

The Janlokpal series continuous, till Friday, and hopefully Janlokpal will be passed before Friday.

Holy Cow #51 Ruling India, one community at a time.

The colonies left but they did leave a nice governance policy, called divide and rule. Unfortunately people use it for their own household. 

Holy Cow #50 Who is the master of the Government?

Presenting a week of political toons in support of Janlokpal bill. The general reaction between a rookie of the political party and the seasoned player. Enjoy. Jokes and comments welcome.

This series runs for one week with joke a day section. Please refrain from commenting against any party or individual in comments.

Holy Cow #49 How do I support Janlokpal?

Never before in the history of India have people been united for a single cause other than cricket. Janlokpal or no, if this continues, this country will actually improve. Dedicated to those who followed the news coverage for four days and kept on tweeting.
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