Holy Cow #100 When your neighbor orders from Amazon

Amazon is testing Amazon Prime Air, a drone delivery of their products. We got talking about how this service would reflect in India and humorous incidents popped up. Those who have no clue about this service and are probably living under the rock, have a look at the video. Now waiting for that crossbow to deliver.

Holy Cow #99: We Remember

We do not forget our unsung heroes. The cops who braved the odds, the people who faced the ordeal. The families that were torn apart, the city that stood still. You are not alone, we remember you. We will not forget.

Salaam Mumbai 

A poem dedicated to the spirit of Mumbai written on the anniversary of 26/11. Reposting from sidoscope.

Their day begins before the sun rise, 
The young, the old, the strong and the wise, 
Their feet bound to the clock’s tick, 
They start each day with a strong kick. 
They are the mumbaikars, the busy bee, 

Why I salute them you will see.bangladesh-soil-may-have-been-used-in-26-11 
They always climb the local trains, 
In the sun or even in the rains, 
They race against time, 
And with the clock their feet rhyme. 
They are the mumbaikars, the worthy lot, 
Living in the city humid and hot. 

Every one has his own life,
With arrogant son or over smart wife,
They bear mean bosses or bad teachers,
They avoid the beggars and religion preachers,
They are the mumbaikars, the hard worker,
They love vada pav more than burgers.

Then ten terrorist saw the town,
In a little boat, they came around.
They attacked the city breaking its backbone,
They were happy with the job perfectly done.
The essence of the city was a bit shaken, genImage-medium
The world shook seeing the city weaken.

The police force came to fight the goons,
But the fight they could not stop it soon.
It was raining bullets, which made the city rattle.
The warriors used the 13th century weapons, to fight the 21st century battle.
But finally the warriors won the war,
the terrorist thought their message has reached afar.

Suddenly the city raised its helping hand,
They were ordinary people without a magic wand.
They didn’t need superman to save their soul,
Ordinary people reconstructed the city back to the whole.
The are the mumbaikars, the common men, 
victoriat-mumbai-weekend-packages-mediumAt times they turn to super-men.

All the people big and small,
All the people short and tall,
Today they were neither Muslims nor Hindus,
Neither were they Marathi's, Bhaiyaa's or Mallu’s
Today they were just humans,
Supermen and wonder women.

Setting aside their differences, they helped each other,
Even helping their enemies. They didn’t bother,
On its feet, again, the city rose,
Seeing the site, the terrorist froze.
All the months of planning went in vain,
For the city felt very little pain.

They again wake up before sun-rise,
Join the work with tear in the sad eyes,
For the brothers who had died,
For the orphans and widows who have cried.
I salute to thee: the spirit of Mumbai city,
Yee are proven best, its the terrorist I pity.


Holy Cow #98 When will I get the next promotion.

Every observed there has to be a correct estimate for the task complete but never a correct estimate for getting promotion?

Holy Cow #97 Appraisal Raiting

The gargle of Management and its low hanging fruits that when plucks turns into peanuts. 

Holy Cow #96 First day as a freelance writer

Based on a true story. Sad day that was.

Holy Cow #95 Oversharing

People use too much phone don't they?

Holy Cow #94 Come fly with me

Did you hear, 8000 Indians are ready to fly off to Mars. We have a potential for call center business up there, isn't it?

Holy Cow #93 Invasion of Privacy

As always this Holy Cow is based on a true true story. People have this uncanny habits of sharing your location to the world. 

Holy Cow #92 Direct deposit money

So today I went to catch on a movie after spending my hard earned money on an overpriced multiplex when I saw this AD from the Government about doing a direct deposit of cash in bank accounts. The ad did say it was direct deposit into the needy peoples bank account, only time will tell whose bank account will the money go.

Holy Cow #91 Lets go Clubbing!!!

Whenever someone asked the word about going clubbing, I actually think thats what they mean. Is clubbing even a real word, I am not sure. Still clubbing is a controversial subject, ain't it?

Holy Cow #90 Friendship day on the street


Quoting Arthur Conon Doyle from Sherlock Holmes, "Beggars are found across the city, often overlooked and ignored, but they see and hear everything" and they quote everything.  Introducing two new beggars on holy cow, they see everything, they know everything and... I think one of them is a philosopher. You would see them more around here.
Your take? 

Holy Cow #89 Jeene Laga Hoon, Pehle se Jyaada

This song is stuck in my head for quite some time, everytime I successfully attempt to forget it, I hear some idiot singing it on the bus, pavement or even posting the lyrics on Facebook. What, what do they want to say when they post the lyrics on Facebook, do they mean they are singing it or do they want to tell that they have exceptional googling skills?

Gah, don't know but this song, won't die in my head. I might have to eradicate it forever using tandoori nights, after all only poison can kill another poison.

Holy Cow #88 The Complaint Department

There are rumors about Indian Government allegedly building an iCMS system that is going to monitor the social networks. As uncreative as the name Indian Central Monitoring System sounds, the Government of India in all its infinite wisdom is spending a lot of money on monitoring duckface selfies and bromance group hugs from guys in Goa from Facebook. Well, this is fun. 

Holy Cow #87 The Curse on a Writer

So in other news, I have perfectly wasted almost four months lingering around the final chapter of my book. Yes, final chapter and epilogue which was supposed to get completed six months ago. Happy Facebooking...

Holy Cow #33, Deal with the devil!!!!

How many of us have actually seen the manager talking to the Devil??? 

Holy Cow #86 The Rise of Troll

Trolling on the internet is the new past time of a generation

Holy Cow #84 Packaging for the cloud

Adding sticker to your server software that it is cloud ready is not really going to help you. No really, its not. A bit geeky toon here about Cloud Computing I drew for my new post on this blog. 

Holy Cow #83 Credit Card Calling

Annoyed with the Credit card tele-callers? We have a solution, tell them your salary.

Holy Cow #82 Not Working From Home

Work from home policy is the most controversial policy of the modern times. Ancient wisdom says fire and ice should not be mixed, work and home are two separate policies. One cannot work from home, neither can anyone live in office.

Live in office is a good policy adopted by most of the companies in silicon valley. Whatever it may be, according to my wife, if I am working from home, I should atleast help her in her household work, how is that for the policy???

Holy Cow #81 Stop poking me!!!

Isn't it annoying when someone pokes you? What does that mean? Do they want to talk to you? Are they missing you? It becomes more annoying when the person who was chatting with you for two hours pokes you fifteen minutes after you left?

Its even more annoying when girls poke you, it sends too much mixed signals. What exactly was she trying to convey? Oh dear Facebook Poke, one small click can be a big trouble, charlie boy.

Do you know what has changed?

Holy Cow Season 2 begins today. Know more about these Characters  and get ready for a awesomly laughatonic experience this year.

Oh and the Axe returns from Shaitania.

Holy Cow #78 Do you believe in Creator?

Very close to the 4th wall don't you think? Holy Cow promises to be back with 2 comics every weekend starting in Feb. Yep we are coming. Get mooooing.

Love in the time of Social Media

Move over cholera, social media is here.

How to Propose a girl in 4 easy steps

*Stunts are performed by experts do not try. Actually do not try them anywhere.

P.s. Its a joke, not a guideline.
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