People may label me as a writer, a artist, a cartoonist or worst a human, but I know at the bottom of my heart I am but a simple entertainer. Simple. Honest'.- Siddhesh Kabe

About The Author

When Siddhesh Kabe idea to become a Mad Scientist, did not quite work out as expected, he decided to turn his attention to second best option.... writing humor.
You can reach him on hi5 [at] or twitter (_siddhesh)
To know more about the author visit his personal website... (Before visiting, ask yourself you really wanna do this?)

About Holy Cow 

When life stands explained, there is only one reaction that escapes your mouth.... Holy Cow!!! Holy cow!!! is the comic strip updated thrice a week. It also showcases some Comic series like 'A day without coffee' and the 'Moo series' read more about them here.


All the toons on the blog are original copyrighted stuff and I do have some great lawyer friends also, don't take the risk. It is really impolite to copy stuff without permission from the owner, unless you got to impress some hot chick, do politely drop me a mail and a request to borrow the article in your publication.


This is a personal blog of Siddhesh Kabe, all content. Articles are of personal opinion and may differ from the readers choice. The readers are welcome to express their opinion about the articles/blog but are requested to do so in decent, orderly and mannerly pattern. The author retains the sole right to accept/reject the comments and inappropriate comments will be rejected without prior warning.
Holy Cow Updates every Sunday noon. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, RSS feed or Email to get notified about the update.
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