Frequency Asked Questions
Q. What is Holy Cow?
Holy Cow is a daily webcomic published on http://holycow.sidoscope.co.in, nay we got a new website now. http://theholycow.co.in

Q. Why Holy Cow?
Because Cow is Holy.

Q. No Seriously, why Holy Cow?
Because thats the first reaction you get, when you understand life and Shit is dirty.

Q. How often do you publish comics?
Holy Cow is published whenever I wake up from slumber, which is at-least twice a week.

Q. What tool do you use to draw toons?
Holy Cow Comic strip is complete drawn and digitally inked using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

Q. Are you a graphic designer?
Yes, but I do not take graphic assignments, not yet.

Q. Can I use the toons as wallpaper or print on T-shirt?
Sure you can, you can always download the toons and use them as wallpaper or print them as long as you don't use it commercially, meaning don't sell them, but it is bad manners to borrow things without telling so drop me a mail to (hi5 [at]sidoscope.co.in).

Q. I would like to print them in my school/ college/ local magazine, can I use them?
I would be more than glad to appear in your magazine, you can drop me a mail with some sample copies of your previous issues and we can come up with a workable solution. Don't worry, I don't want you to pay for my BMW installments and I am not greedy.

Q. Can I suggest you some joke or comic idea?
Sure thing, you can drop me a mail of your idea and if I make a toon out of it, you will be named as author for it.
Holy Cow Updates every Sunday noon. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, RSS feed or Email to get notified about the update.
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