Want to publish Holy Cow in your newspaper?
 Publish "Holy Cow", the popular comic strip based on the pop culture, issues and everything in life around India. Holy Cow is the first reaction when you understanding life!!!. It's free for student/College newspapers/ Non-profit newsletters! Why 98% of the people say they read comics first time they pick a newspaper. The rest 2% are lying.

Holy Cow!!! is the comic that does not mimic the western counterparts and is purely 100% original. The stories and concepts are humorous take on daily issues and happenings in India.

Why publish a western comic when you can get an Indian one for it? How To begin with, simply send an email to: hi5[at]

 With clearly mentioning your requirements (Daily/ Weekend Strip) The comics will be delivered to the newspaper to publish exactly one week before they appear online. Feel free to contact with any offer you have, I am sure we can work out a deal.
Holy Cow Updates every Sunday noon. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, RSS feed or Email to get notified about the update.
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